GLOBAL OVERSIGHT - Code of Business Conduct

Our Standards

Global Oversight strives to be a trusted business partner who our clients can rely on. As such, we abide by a Code of Business Conduct in everything we do and believe in working in partnership with our clients and each other with honesty, respect and integrity at all times.

This Code of Business Conduct has been developed to help us better understand the high standards we need to uphold when we conduct the company’s business. The standards it contains are in the best interest of us as employees, our clients and the public at large. Ultimately, it all depends on us to act consistent with this Code of Business Conduct and to maintain professional pride in our company and ourselves.


Confidentiality is paramount to our nature of work as we work hand in hand with our clients. In the process we can receive highly sensitive and confidential data from our clients. We must always ensure that all confidential information and documents are well protected. No confidential information is to be shared with any third party without obtaining the necessary approvals.

Bribery & Corruption

No payment will be made by, or anything of value given, on behalf of the company either directly or indirectly to government officials, political candidates, or officers or employees of customers, suppliers or competitors which violates applicable laws or is designed to secure favoured treatment for the company.

Business related gifting and entertainment can be in the best interest of the company. Employees should make every effort to ensure that there is no reason for a third party to view such gifting and entertainment as improper. Employees also need to be cautious when receiving entertainment or gifts. Giving and receiving business gifts of nominal value is permissible, provided they are associated with a business purpose and are reasonable in cost.

Conflict of Interest

Conflicts of interests arise where our private interests or that of the members of our family conflict with the interests of the company. Employees may not solicit or accept salaries, fees, commissions or any other thing of value from contractors, suppliers, customers, consultants or other persons and organisation doing business with the company.

In an instance where an employee’s relationship with another person or organisation might conflict with job performance or the company’s interests, the employee must disclose the potential conflict to the company. The matter will be reviewed and the employee given the necessary guidance.

Accurate Records & Reporting

Company records must reflect an accurate, complete and verifiable record of all transactions. No false or misleading entries may be made for any reason; and no employee may assist any other person in making such entries.

Health & Safety

We are committed to maintaining safe and healthy working conditions for all employees.