About Us

Global Oversight is an independent compliance, ethics and investigative consultancy. We are based in Singapore and provide ethics and compliance oversight services to local and multinational corporations.

Majority of the organisations and their employees always want to do the right thing. However, sometimes due to a lack of oversight for various reasons such as the parent company being a distance away, lack of resources, the focus is on driving sales to meet aggressive targets etc, compliance and ethical irregularities may occur. This will cost the organisations financially in terms of legal and investigative costs; hefty fines and most importantly could lead to loss of reputation.

We are here to add value to our clients by partnering with them and being their trusted compliance and ethics resource to provide the necessary oversight on the ground. Our consultants have diverse backgrounds ranging from specialisations in compliance and ethics, finance, audit & internal controls to legal, corporate affairs and conducting special sensitive compliance and corporate investigations.

Our clients engage us for our reputation, confidentiality and professional business and on-the ground knowledge.