Our Services

Our services help our clients to protect their integrity and mitigate their compliance and corporate crime risks. We can tailor an effective strategy and solution to suit our clients’ needs. Some of our services include:

Compliance & Ethics Framework

  • Develop a complete compliance and ethics programme for clients who don’t have any. This will include developing a code of business conduct, relevant policies, setting up a whistling blowing mechanism, investigation procedures, training etc.
  • For clients who already have a compliance and ethics programme, we review and enhance their existing programme to be more effective.

Mergers & Acquisitions

From the beginning, we work with our clients on their mergers and acquisitions and help to implement a compliance programme to raise the governance standards in their joint ventures and strategic partnerships.

Our consultants are very familiar with designing and implementing a compliance and ethics programme as recommended by the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines to prevent corruption and bribery under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and also as recommended by the U.K. Bribery Act.

Importantly, we have extensive experience to localising the programme taking into account local corruption laws to suit the environment without compromising on compliance standards.

Third Party Management

  • Vendor and Supplier Screening
  • Vendor and Supplier Site Visits
  • Compliance reviews and audits

Third party can provide essential services and add value to an organisation and at the same time can also be a major risk if not managed properly. There needs to be a third party management protocol in place.

Compliance & Ethics Awareness and Training

  • Develop and deliver training for employees, third parties on company code of conduct, internal policies and procedures
  • Develop and roll-out programmes to create awareness on compliance and ethics among employees, business partners and third parties

Independent Assurance Audits

Conduct independent reviews/audits on clients’ operations to check if current compliance controls, processes and procedures are adequate to provide independent assurance.


  • Investigations of compliance and ethical breaches:
    • Bribery and Improper payments
    • Conflict of Interest
    • Discrimination and harassment
    • Leaking of confidential information
    • Kickbacks
  • Fraud, embezzlement, money laundering and other internal investigations
  • Litigation Support

Security Reviews & Response

  • Conduct independent security and safety reviews to ensure compliance with the client’s group security strategy, policies, programmes and procedures.
  • Respond to emergency and crisis situations